Introduction to the New WfMC Site

Thank you visiting the new online community for the Workflow Management Coalition.  This site is currently in beta mode and any feedback you can share would be appreciated.  It is the result of several months' effort, involving a ground-up rebuild of our previous site. 

The goal of this site is to provide a single point of access to the resources of the WfMC.  It now includes integrated document management, wikis, forums, CRM, member management, event/calendar management, e-commerce capabilities, as well as a host of new capabilities for delivering benefits to members.

Within the site there is now a single contact database for everyone from members to attendees to all other contact.  It manages all files and requires free a registration for some, pay options for others, or members-only access for members, delegate administration for managing microsite, some basic foreign language localization and the ability to support microsites for country chapters, the private member site will now be a subset of the main site with a single point of access/sign-on, will have private workspaces for all standards and activities.