The WfMC will hold a member meeting at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, the day after the BPM in Practice seminar. 

This meeting is open to all members, seminar participants, and to other guests for a fee of $150 for the day.  All participants will receive breakfast, lunch, and a full set of presentation materials.

The format of this meeting features a series of networking sessions and prepared presentations by WfMC members and industry leaders. 

Topics covered include:

    * BPMN Model Portability (Robert Shapiro)

    * Model Preserving Strategy (Keith Swenson)

    * BPM in Government (Nathaniel Palmer)

    * Process Mining & Discovery (Tobias Rother)

Non-members/guests please click here to register.

For WfMC  members wishing to participate but not able to attend in person, a dial-in and webcast will be provided.  

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